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Wir besetzen Ihre Vakanz

Best Practices

Binding Time Frames

Is it not true that we spend most of our time trying to make up for lost time? Time is a valuable commodity. Personnel search, recruitment and selection are very time-consuming. We fill your vacancy.

You have received a notice of resignation. Perplexity takes over. When can the vacancy be filled again? By what date does the gap have to be closed? We are able to accurately estimate your needs and the efforts required. We offer solutions that are pragmatic, realistic and transparent.

Time to Completion — Best Practice applied by PKS for Personnel Recruitments


  • Binding time frames
  • Finite personnel recruitment 
  • Noticeable relief
  • Clear regulations

PKS Added Value

Is it not true that we spend most of our time trying to make up for lost time? Time is a valuable commodity. Personnel search, recruitment and selection are very time-consuming.

We are always running out of time. We try to hold on to it, tie it and stretch it. Time is fleeting and cannot be fooled. Even the best time management and most rigid scheduling cannot hide the fact that one day only consists of 24 hours. Personnel search, recruitment and selection take time.

A hasty, rash and rushed approach may save time. However, many important details usually get overlooked which leads to the loss of the time won. And that loss of time costs a lot of money. Little time is much money. Much time is little money. Forced, rigid time management is like a smoke screen. It fogs up everything, simulates dynamics while not allowing any movement at all. We will show you that sometimes professional perseverance is the fastest way out of the smoke.

Finding the right staff is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Time is not available and is needed more urgently for other tasks. Frustration is bound to happen. No matter if it is an employee-oriented market or an employer-oriented market, the search for professional competence is always difficult. Therefore, having a good plan is very important. If you start the personnel search only after the situation turns precarious and exogenous factors force you to make concessions that are adverse to your plan, the project is usually doomed to failure. 

Reliable and time-saving personnel recruitment requires the following:

  • Act on developments within the company that are beginning to show and react deliberately. Understaffed HR teams that are constantly overwhelmed by the overload of their day-to-day business and that feel exploited, are vulnerable and worsen the problem. Irrational actions, resignations due to escalating frustration and lack of interest are bound to happen.
  • Get your own picture of the situation and talk to the line manager. You can act better if you are informed. If necessary, the employees need to be informed of the procedure. Shortages can be overcome by means of open communication and good planning. Maybe a short-term, temporary solution is required. We will be happy to assist.
  • Clearly defined requirement, job and qualification profiles. Everyone knows the circumstances. The internal exchange of information is working properly.
  • The recruitment process is well prepared. Who conducts the interview, who does the assessment and who is available! Do you want to enlist our services?

What is the usual time frame for a search assignment?

Personnel Search Standard     =    approx. 2 –  6 weeks
Personnel Search Advanced    =    approx. 4 – 12 weeks
Personnel Search Premium     =    approx. 6 – 16 weeks

A well planned personnel search can quickly reach its goal. Should we need more time, we will discuss it with you.


During personnel search, selection and screening, the time factor cannot be underestimated. A good plan will usually lead to fast results. Time is a valuable commodity. Your willingness to invest this commodity into the personnel recruiting process will always yield a high dividend. Personnel recruitment has been our daily bread since 1992. We fill your vacancy!

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