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Best Practices

Personnel Search / Personnel Selection

Personnel search, screening and selection requires experience, professionalism and passion.
We go beyond that. We fill your vacancy.

The search for the right employees is never ending. Human resources management literature overflows with good advice. However, what may be true today, can already be obsolete tomorrow. We are up-to-date and offer clear solutions.

3-Level Evaluation offered by PKS: Standard, Advanced and Premium Personnel Search/Personnel Selection/Personnel Screening


PKS Added Value

Personnel search, screening and selection requires experience, professionalism and passion. We go beyond that.

Findings in work psychology that have been scientifically developed in the course of decades, based on empiricism and methodical systematics, are not implemented nearly enough in personnel recruitment. There is a huge gap between comprehensive theory and continuous daily practice. Our personnel consultants here at PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG offer our customers transparent methods and services based on modern personnel selection processes. Objective, professional neutrality based on facts. There is no room for nebulous guesswork.

Fatal overestimation of one's own capacities, time constraints and the resulting virulent manipulation by subjective perceptions, based on life experience and other irrational factors, often have an impact on recruiting and other procedures during the hiring process. Alarmingly often, however, they are the sole, obscure foundation for personnel recruitment. The costs that occur if the wrong person is hired usually remain undetected or are pushed away. We will support and advise you during personnel search and selection and show you fast, reliable and transparent ways to recruit new employees.

We offer 3 levels of Personnel recruitment:

  1. Personnel Search Standard
  2. Personnel Search Advanced
  3. Personnel Search Premium (Executive Search, Mandate)

Our personnel placement services focus on experts and executives in the following areas:

The personnel consultants at PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG possess the necessary knowledge of the individual industries and profound work experience.


The personnel search, selection and screening of experts and executives demands structured and methodical procedures. Without those procedures, additional costs, unnecessary spending of time, and trouble are bound to happen. Everything has its price; especially those things that are supposed to be free and end up costing a lot. We speak from experience. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. We fill your vacancy.

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