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PKS in the Press

PKS in the Press

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Computer Skills useful for Application

Monster / Career Magazine, October 15, 2010

Job ads in the health insurance sector often ask for "good computer skills". But what does that mean? What computer skills are employees expected to possess?

"If you know how to use half of the functions in Word and to utilize about 20 percent of the Excel options, your skills are within the normal range", says Markus Schneider, General Manger of PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion. The learning effect from using a computer during one's leisure time should not be underestimated as well.

Read the complete article (in German) here:  Monster Karriere-Journal 15.10.2010 (PDF)

Army Commander bewitches Economy

Tages Anzeiger / Business Section May 21, 2010
André Blattmann, Corps Commander, would like to teach managers a lesson in military leadership skills. And possibly a lesson in modesty for bankers.

Clear words can be heard in the executive personnel recruitment industry. Marc Bürgi, Consultant with PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion in Basel, Switzerland, states: "Military leadership experience is not as important as it used to be." Small businesses were not interested in employees being absent all the time.

Read the complete article (in German) here:  Tages Anzeiger 21.05.2010 (PDF)

Traditional Values Not in High Demand

DER LANDBOTE March 17, 2009
André Blattmann, the new Army Commander, believes that the private sector has regained its appreciation for military training. However, experts in the field of executive personnel recruitment seriously doubt this trend.

Markus Schneider, co-owner of PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion in Basel, Switzerland, begs to differ: "Things that are good and important in the army, that is to say learning how to give orders, make little sense in the economy."

Read the complete article (in German) here:  Landbote 17.03.2009 (PDF)

Personnel Suffers More Than Personnel Placement Services

"Basellandschaftliche Zeitung" (bz) of February 15, 2009

Personnel placement services and temporary employment agencies are particularly affected by the economic crisis.

The personnel services in Basel, Switzerland, have varying expectations as to the impact of the crisis. One thing is certain: The crisis will leave its mark on this industry, too. At least, they all can agree on one thing: "This too shall pass."

"This year started out superbly for us", states Markus Schneider of PKS Personal- and Kaderselektion AG. According to Mr. Schneider, the placement business of expert and management staff was rather countercyclical, and, as opposed to the time before an economic boom, the demand was still there.

Read the complete article (in German) here:  bz 15.02.2009 (PDF)

Continued Education is a Dynamic Market Today

NZZ of November 9, 2008

In the past, a Bachelor's degree was sufficient - now, a Master's degree is a must: The pressure to further educate oneself has increased enormously. It is easy to get lost in the rapidly growing amount of courses, training courses, seminars and graduate programs offered. The only constant during the boom: It is always the people that are already well educated that wish to pursue further education.

Markus Schneider, Managing Director of PKS Personal- and Kaderselektion AG in Basel, Switzerland, says: "We always meet people that do not have a strategy. All they know is that they want to get further education. Sometimes, we have to protect those people from themselves." The uncertainty is further spurred by the aggressive advertising campaigns of the providers, who offer increasingly sophisticated study programs and try to make continued education more attractive.

Read the complete article (in German) here:  NZZ 9.11.2008 (PDF)

PKS AG: Passionate About Personnel Placement and Consulting

"Geschäftsführer" 03/2008

By focusing on certain industries, professions and specialist areas, the consultants at PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG are able to quickly, efficiently and systematically provide the right expert staff for their clients. In addition, the HRM-outsourcing services that PKS offers allow HR departments the necessary freedom and time to focus on their core processes.

Read the complete article (in German) here:  geschäftsführer 03/2008 (PDF)

How to Detect a Reputable Headhunter

monster career journal

Trust is good, control is better. If you are interested in a new position that is offered by a headhunter or personnel recruiter, you don't want to fall into the hands of one of the industry's black sheep.

It is fairly easy for applicants to detect reputable recruiters by the recruiters' corporate identity, personal behavior and information provided. If there is one thing placement agencies have to do it is to get down to the nitty-gritty and say what kind of position they have to fill. And it is not necessarily about the name of the possible new employer, but about the exact description of the vacancy and the requirements. "When you purchase a new car, you want to know more about it - not just that it has a nice body", says Markus Schneider, Managing Director of PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG based in Basel, Switzerland.

Read the complete article (in German) here:  monster (PDF)

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